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About Zebra Ham Radio

In a nutshell it's all about learning, because as ham radio operators we are swept up in a constant river of flowing information. On this site I've preserved much of what comes from group discussions I've participated in and preserved it as quick-links, articles, videos and photographs. The goal is to make it easy to access and fast at your disposal. I try "sift" the information, pulling out the easier explanations for beginners to understand. Beginner's like me. Most of the time, I'll explain things as I am learning them and trying to relate what I have learned to others.

Follow along with me as I continue building this site to: ZebraHamRadio.com/index-learn-2 where you will find useful links and tidbits about our Sun, Solar System and Radio Waves.

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This is an SDR site from Sedona, AZ where you can tune around frequencies and possibly hear your station from a long ways away!






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