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They Have Arrived!

Group 7155 Lighted Pens

Group 7.155 Lighted Stylus Pens available in red and dark green

Focused Piercing Light on one end, a Stylus on the other for your Tablet!

Replaceable Batteries - Perfect for working in your shack!

(More Pictures of the Lights on these really cool Pens are on this page)

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Pens are $7.95 Each + Shipping

$7.25 each for orders of 3 or more

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K2RP, "Captain Ron" Pollack, Encinitas, CA - "Thank you for the lighted pen. My wife keeps trying to take it away from me and I need to get another! I keep it by my bedstand every night and in the morning in my radio room next to my soldering iron - and believe me, it gets used!"

Bob - "Hey, did you bring another toy tonight? Bring more, I love those pen lights!"

AK6R, "Bonsall Bob" - "You and those pens! Gotta love 'em though, they really do the trick. Keep it up! And, tell your guys that they can buy everything ferrite at - oh, I do have an amplifier for you and a boatanchor AM transmitter - just say the word! You wanted Hallicrafters, right?"

W6HPH, Fred, Palomar Mtn., CA - "Hey Ken. I received your pen today and put it in my shirt pocket. Later that evening I had to go out and crawl up to fix a wire and found that I had this pen on me. It REALLY lights up! I thought I would have to run and get a flashlight but this one really did the trick and saved me another crawl back up to the wire. You've made a hit, Ken, and thanks for that. 73."

Thank You



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Pens that showing the Light

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