Ham Shack Showcase from Zebra Ham Radio


A New Arrival from WM6P


WM6p Shack

Steve's Shack - WM6P
features his K3 Line alonside his FTdx-1200
Steve's shack features a newly purchased Elecraft K3 & Pan Scope
His FTdx1200 replaced an older Kenwood in the fall of 2013
Steve is also armed and ready with his 2m rig, pistol and martini!


red line for zebra ham radio

W8PNZ Ham Shack - Phil - Menifee, California -

Phil's Shack - W8PNZ
features his FTdx-1200 alongside his Collins 30L-1

Phil calls his shack "The Comfort Station" and it's easy to see why. Nice setup. Clean. Organized. Shows his new addition wall-mounted monitor with Group 7.155 on screen.


Jim's Shack - KI6WJ
features his FT-2000, alongside his AL80B

Also shown: SP-2000 speaker, MD100A8 mic (new), MFJ998 auto tuner (new), Begali cw paddle, Signalink for digimodes. HRD 6.2 and N3FJP logging/cat control on two monitors




AI6J Shack - AL

Al's Shack - AI6J

With his Kenwood Collection and a Golden Heil Microphone



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