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What Our Sink Stink Odor Eliminator Customers Had to Say

Talk about odor elimination tackling sewer smells, rotten egg smells, funky gunk and more!

They were using cleansers, bleach and baking soda to get rid of embarrassing odors.

Well, not anymore. They discovered Sink Stink! The Overflow Odor Eliminator!

See their Reviews and what they have to say


Sink Stink Customer Reviews


Sink Stink


Sink Stink Odor Eliminator

Funky Odors Begone - Order Today Sink Stink Odor Eliminator and Overflow Cleaner

Sink Stink Odor Eliminator and Sink Overflow Cleaner

Kills odors, bacteria, germs and gunk trapped inside bathroom sink overflow ports.

Simply attach to faucet and run the Sink Stink down your overflow

Get Your Sink Stink Today
Get Your Sink Stink Today!


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